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Winter Horse Riding Tours Iceland

Riding the Icelandic horse in the fresh winter in Iceland can be just as magical as riding during other seasons. However if you are planning your Iceland visit during winter and would like to ride the Icelandic horse then there are few things you should think about.

To start with there are many horse riding operators that do not offer riding tours during winter especially in the Northern part of Iceland. So if you would like to ride on your winter holiday you´re best choice would probably be to do it in the Reykjavík area or on the Southern Coast of Iceland. The weather in Iceland tends to be a lot milder in those areas then in the North of Iceland.

If you are a beginner to riding a horse or riding in wintertime it is important that you pay good attention to the conditions on the ground. The Icelandic horse is a very sure footed breed but even so going fast on the ice can be challenging for them. All horses should be shoed with winter shoes, with at least two spikes.

Riding in the fresh snow can be absolutely magical and I highly recommend everyone, beginner and experienced riders to go riding if you have fresh snow in your area. The horses love the fresh air and the sense of freedom you feel riding your horse in the beautiful winter landscape is breathtaking.

The Icelandic horse is bred to stand the Icelandic winter easily so if you are riding a good horse you will feel the high spirit of the horse while riding. During the winter the horses develop winter coats that isolates them from most weather so you should not worry about them being cold. You should however make sure that you are properly dressed, meaning where good water proof clothes along with warm winter gloves. Being cold on a horseback ride takes out the joy of spending day with these amazing animals.

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