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    If you can’t find what you are looking for, about our farm or about our horse riding tours in south coast, contact us or use this search form:

    Should beginners ride Icelandic horses?

    This is probably the most asked question we get from our guests and the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES! However, it is important that you go to the right farm with the right kind of horses that will fit your riding level.

    In order for you to get a real experience you should have a riding lesson so you can control your horse. Many of the large operators have horses that have been taking the same circle for years and in our mind that is not a horse friendly and definitely not a authentic horse riding experience. You want a horse that is in good mental and physical health that is going to create a true relationship with the rider which takes the experience to another level.

    During your riding lessons we make sure that rider and horse develop a connection that is real, and rider feels in control of the situation but at the same time the horse accepts the rider as its leader. This is often the most rewarding part of the entire tour and not only enjoying a magic scenery but experiencing the trust that rider and horse share.

    Do you offer private horse riding tours?

    Yes we do – just send us an email with your requirement and we will respond directly.

    Do you offer pick-ups and drop offs?

    Yes we do offer pick-ups. But you need to request in advance.

    Do you offer vegetarian meals?

    Yes we do. Just inform us in advance on you food preferences.

    Do I need to be an experienced horse rider to ride with you?

    Beginners are welcome. However, you should be in a relatively good physical shape and balanced mentally.