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How we treat our horses

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Horses are part of the team

We take care of them

We take great pride in our horses’ welfare and, in order for our guests to feel safe about the wellness of our horses, we go to great lengths in making sure our horses are both physically and mentally healthy.

All photos are of our own horses.

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Always make sure you ride a healthy horse

Happy horses make happy riders

Most of the horses we use for horse riding tours are bred by us. They are born on the farm and stay with their flock for the first 4 years of their life.

Our farm is over 200 hectares and the flock of about 50 horses get to roam around free with-out the interference of any human.

We, of course make sure there is always enough hay, fresh water for them to eat and every week we check out their physical condition, along with dental and hoof care.

When we visit the flock, we use the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the young horses by spending time with the flock and take advantage of their curiosity, so they do not consider the human as threat in the future.

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Healthy horses are our joy

Success comes from care

When the young horses have reached the age of 4 years, we start training them, but only for short period. Typically, a young horse will get about one month of training at the age of 4 and then we release them back to their flock.

At the age of 5 we train them for a longer period, take them on short riding tours but only by our staff.

It is not until the age of 6-7 that we start using the best horses for our tours and only for the experienced riders. The inexperienced riders get horses that have more routine.

Our old riding horses that have retired get to stay in the flock, their purpose is to maintain soft energy among the horses and to teach the young ones how horses should behave in their community.

We rotate our tour horses, meaning that every horse gets a least 4 months of vacation each year – most of them get even more.

By doing this we ensure the mental wellness of the horse and that he does not get bored with his work.

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Mr Iceland - a beautiful horse
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We are proud of our horse breeding

Sometimes we sell our horses, but we always make sure that the horse goes to a good home and the owner has the possibility to take good care of them.

We never sell our horses to any industry farmers, like meat or other.

The sole purpose for our breeding is to breed good riding horses for our own entertainment and our guests.

We do not breed horses for the purpose of selling them, even though sometimes we do if the horse does not fit into our program.

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Healthy horse make great ride


We never use violence around our horses and are against any animal cruelty.

Our aim is to have healthy and happy horses because it is our belief that happy horses make happy riders.


If you have any question about our horses, you are welcome to ask us.