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Top things to do in Iceland

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Top things to do in Iceland

5 best things to do in Iceland


I get asked this a lot by my guests on the farm “what are the best things to do in Iceland?”. So, to make it simple here is my list.


  1. See the Northern Lights

    if you are here during the wintertime. They can be seen from our farm and everywhere around Iceland. It is free so take the time once you are here and find them. It can be hard during some periods especially because of the clouds but most of my guests do see them

  2. Ride the Icelandic horse,

    The Icelandic horse is a force of nature and can not be experienced like this anywhere else. The power it represents is indescribable but please go to a proper farm and ONLY ride good horses. (see my other blogs about what to look for when you want to go riding in Iceland)

  3. Meditate in the Icelandic silence

    , I have mentioned this previously about the silence Iceland has to offer. For many of my guests’ silence is something that is not available often to them, so please find your spot in the highlands, on the beach be alone and listen to the silence Iceland has to offer you.

  4. Public Swimming pools

    , this is probably the most undervalued asset Iceland has to offer. We the Icelanders visit our public swimming pools very frequently and most of the time there are no tourists. I am always surprised because this is one of the greatest values Iceland has to offer; hot water directly to bathe in – and it is VERY cheap. Forget the expensive spas, the public pools are so much better and they are the REAL Iceland. Join the Icelanders in the pool!

  5. Take a hike in Thorsmörk

    . There are many national parks in Iceland, and they are all WONDERFUL. My favorite is the Thorsmörk national park, because of its very special location, surrounded by several glaciers and volcanoes. Words can not describe the power and beauty of the area but it is truly the place of the gods (Thors Place, god of thunder)


I just realized as making this list there are so many other things to do and see in Iceland. You are always welcome to my farm and I promise I will give you a lot more info and even tell you about some secret places!

Welcome to Iceland, my friend!