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Private Riding Tour Or Group Riding Tour? The Choice Is Yours

private horseback riding lesson with Hordur Bender

Private Riding Tour Or Group Riding Tour? The Choice Is Yours

A lot of my guests ask me if they should order a private tour or join a group. My guests are from all over the world and their level of riding skills is anywhere from first-time riders to world champions.

We do group tours every day where the level of riders is mixed from beginners to more experienced. For me as the guide, I have to make sure that when we ride all riders are feeling comfortable in the ride. Of course, I make sure everyone has a horse that fits the level of the rider. Nevertheless, when the group is very mixed I sometimes have a situation where someone is feeling uncomfortable or someone feels we are riding to slowly. This can be a dilemma and is very easily solved through private tours.

Private riding tours

My advice is that if you are riding for the first time and you want to really learn and understand how we ride the Icelandic horse then I would recommend you to have a private tour. Another group that I absolutely recommend to have private tours are very experienced riders or horse owners. Many of my guests that are horse owners are in Iceland to experience a truly good Icelandic horse and for them to ride in a group can be pointless. They want to experience the full potential of the Icelandic horse. We have the horses for it but such riding you can not ride in a group.

Riding in a group

For the majority of my guests riding in a small group fits their expectations. They get a proper lesson so they understand how to ride the horse. When it comes to the riding tour itself we do different gates like; walk, tölt and trot. This is more than enough for most to understand the energy and magic the Icelandic horse has to offer.

For families and small groups (5-10 persons), I advise having private tours.

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