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Nordic Legends Come To Life: The Saga Behind Our Icelandic Horse Farm

Hordur Bender with Icelandic horses on an Icelandic horse farm

Nordic Legends Come To Life: The Saga Behind Our Icelandic Horse Farm

I’ve mentioned before that the name and location of our Icelandic horse farm have deep historic meaning, and today I’ll share that story with you. Our farm sits on the same land Vikings tread with their horses centuries before. Each time we ride, we inspire memories of the Icelandic ancestors.

Our Icelandic Horse Farm Is Home To Viking Legends

The farm our horses call home, Efri-Úlfsstaðir, is located at the setting of the BrennuNjáls Saga. The Icelandic Sagas are the stories of Iceland’s legends and history. Because of this, they have been cherished by historians and researchers around the world. The Sagas even serve as a central historical source on the Viking era in Scandinavia.

BrennuNjáls Saga is distinguished as one of the most respected of all the Sagas, and each day on the farm we are spending time in its history. The tale explores a series of feuds among Icelandic families and the rich interpersonal relationships that unfold in the process. This Saga features two main characters: wise and peaceful Njal, and the warrior, Gunnar. The Saga is both a riveting story and an up-close look at Nordic laws and daily practices of the time. It’s also considered a masterpiece work of art. This legendary story was likely informed by many years of the passed-down style of storytelling that we Icelanders are known for.

Each day on the farm, we are living in the world of Njal, Gunnar, their families, and all of the Viking ancestors who came before us. And that is an honor that we are incredibly proud of!

The Meaning Of Our Farm’s Name

We chose Efri-Úlfsstaðir as our farm’s name because of our Viking heritage and because of the farm’s deep connection to the Sagas and Icelandic lore. The name translates to Wolf’s Place, which is a nod to Fenrir, a powerful wolf in Norse legend.

Fenrir is the son of the god Loki and the giantess Angrboda, who is known as the mother of monsters. This wolf was a key player in Ragnarrök, the series of events in which Odin, the most powerful god, was killed. Fenrir battled and defeated Odin. This victory made him the most powerful force in Valhalla!

When choosing the right name for the place where we would spend our days riding, living, working, and sharing meals with guests from afar, we know Fenrir was the perfect inspiration.

Our farm is an ode to Fenrir’s power, strength, and hard work. This farm is a place where we recapture the memories of our Viking ancestors. It’s a place where we keep them alive through riding the descendants of their horses on the same paths they enjoyed. Here, we share their memories through storytelling with our guests. This special horse farm is part of our heritage, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

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