Mr Iceland - ride to the waterfalls

Luxury Horse Riding… What Does That Mean?

Friends after the riding tour

Luxury Horse Riding… What Does That Mean?

I founded MrIceland for people that want to experience the Icelandic horse and the Icelandic horse lifestyle at its very best. That means the finest pedigreed horses, the best saddles and riding equipment, well-trained horses, the best local food, and genuine Icelandic hospitality. Meaning we take the time we like to ride, eat and tell stories.

Space is the ultimate luxury

This is very true when you come to visit our farm. We have over 200 hectares of land, river and beaches exclusively for us. We ride where we want to ride, meaning we do not have a preset destination – we ride where the wind takes us.

We take our time

Being in the riding lessons, riding tours, or just when we sit at the table we are never in a rush. Sometimes my guests want me to teach them something specific about the Icelandic horse, that is ok.

The Icelandic horse riding lifestyle

It is hard to put in words exactly what that means but that is what our experience is all about. It is authentic, can not be copied, and is real. You are going to experience it too when you join us at the farm.

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