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Icelandic History Tour on horseback

Viking farm in Iceland

Icelandic History Tour on horseback

Storytelling and horse riding

There is an old tradition in Iceland for storytelling. We love to tell stories of our own experiences but also tell stories of our history. In the old days, the Icelanders used to gather around the fire during long winter nights and tell tales of the great deeds of our heroic Vikings. Through this tradition, our Sagas remained and still live amongst the Icelanders


Experience a living Saga

As soon as you arrive at the farm you will notice our respect for the local history. The farm is placed in the middle of the Brennunjáls Saga stage.  Bergþórshol is just across our river and Hlíðarendi the home of Gunnar a few kilometers north of the farm. The position of the Efri-Úlfsstaðir gives us a unique opportunity to experience the Saga.  By riding the Viking trails and seeing different areas we experience firsthand the schene of Brennunjálssaga.


Viking adventure

When you go riding with us you are actually experiencing exactly the same surroundings, trails, views, and wind as the Vikings did. Hörður, your guide, has deep knowledge about the Sagas and tells you all kinds of tails of the Vikings.


The Viking gathering

After the riding tour, you are invited to our dining hall in the stable where we will serve you our homegrown lamb or fish from our rivers. We also serve local potatoes and vegetables that are all grown in our area – just like the Vikings did. During the dinner, the storytelling continues both by our people but we also love to hear the story of our guests that have come to us from distant places.


Keeping the Saga alive

Not only will you have a great experience once you come and visit us at the farm but even more importantly you will become a part of our Saga and thereby helping us keep the Saga of the Vikings to remain alive for ages to come.