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Horse Riding Tours For Families And Children – Safety First!

Hordur Bender with a horse on the beach in Iceland

Horse Riding Tours For Families And Children – Safety First!

When you are planning your trip to Iceland you will soon realize that there are many possibilities for all kinds of horse riding tours in Iceland but not all of them offer the service needed so children can ride safely.

Where does my horse come from, what is his story?

Does the farm offer horses that children can handle? It is important that you ask your farmer if he has horses that children can handle easily. There are all kinds of horses in the rentals and sometimes the horses that are in the horse rentals are problem horses that the last owner gave away since he could not handle the horse properly. So make sure the farmer knows and trusts the horse for your children.

How do I ride my horse?

Another question you should ask is; can you get riding instruction before you start the ride? It is, unfortunately, the case at most farms that children are put on a horse without any instruction on how to ride or any other information about the horse you are riding. This is both dangerous and really misses the entire point about taking a riding tour because you want to learn, enjoy and feel safe.

Are there enough guides for my family riding

To ensure a safe ride you also need to make sure that your children will have a guide that can help out during the ride. You should therefore check how many riders will be riding in your group and how many guides there are. If there are children in the group there should be one guide per 2 children. I would not recommend you to join a group with more than 10 people. A large group of riders has a lot more chances of something going wrong especially if most of the riders are inexperienced and have few guides.

To make it simple ask these three questions:

  1. Do we get individual riding instruction before we ride?
  2. How many guides per child do you offer on tour
  3. How large are your riding groups?

Have a safe and happy riding!

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