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We invite you to join us for an all-inclusive, unique retreat of health, wellness and relaxation, centered on horseback riding, horsemanship instructions, healthy gourmet dining and relaxation on a farm on the South Coast of Iceland. This is an opportunity to come close and personal to the Icelandic horse

THE GOAL of the retreat is to widen your horizon for the Icelandic horse. The retreat is designed to balance your body, calm your mind, lighten your spirit and establish communication between you and your horse.

EXPECT: More freedom, more nature, more understanding, more wellness, great conversation and bonding with amazing participants from around the world. In short: more fun.

EXPERIENCE: New knowledge under unfamiliar circumstances on different types of horses. Learn and exercise horse training and communication with horses in harmony between man and horse. Experience the horse from rearing up to a reliable partner under the saddle.

Where are we located?

Efri-Úlfsstaðir is our horse farm on the South Coast where we breed horses and invite guests to come to join us for a day or more and experience the authentic farm life in Iceland.

The farm is located at the heart of the South coast where we hold a heard of about 50 horses.  The farm is perfectly located for a overnight stay on your South coast tour.  Being only 10 minutes away from Seljarlandsfoss and the ferry to Westman Islands.


I love people – I love my land – I invite you to come on a journey of true inspiration.


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Price from: 30,000 ISK (per day all inclusive)


Highlights of the day

Riding Lessons

During your stay, you will take horseback riding lessons. We take great pride in our horses, and we guarantee well-trained and willing horses at your disposal.  After your arrival you will get your own horse to take lessons, ride and be your best friend and enjoy the best Horse Riding Iceland.

Let's ride!

After the lessons, we will ride to Iceland’s largest black beach, a beautiful landscape you will love. We will together enjoy a picnic.

This tour includes one horseback riding activities.

Let's enjoy the farm!

After going out for the ride, we go back to the farm to spend the night. One of the things we want you to enjoy is the farm. We will show you what we do and how we live. Then, we will eat dinner and share with the group a great night!

Your time:  Spending time in a relaxed atmosphere creates the space needed to release emotions, energy and stress. Whether you spend that time in the stables, with the other participants or yourself in the beautiful surroundings of the farms, along the river  some “time with yourself” will have it´s place on your  schedule. Prepare for Horse-talk, a camp fire, bright summer nights and sauna and pure water and fresh air. Relax, enjoy the wonderful Icelandic nights and immerse yourself in the world of Icelandic horses.

Good Morning!

After a perfect night at the farm, we will enjoy a nice breakfast all together.  Since this is an open retreat some guest might leave after only one night while others stay longer.  After breakfast we continue working with the horses and riding.

Tour overview


1 night - 2 days


English, Swedish


All year

Group Size

Maximum 6 persons

Minimum age

Ages 15 and up can attend

Difficulty Level



Two bedrooms with double beds. One bedroom with two single beds

Meeting point

Efri-Úlfsstaðir, Landeyjavegur
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  • One riding tours
  • One horseback riding lesson
  • Horseback ride with equipment
  • Dinner & Breakfast
  • Accommodation
  • Sauna

What to bring

  • Outdoor Clothing & Gloves
  • Good shoes
  • Anything extra you need to sleep

Words from our dear guests

A highlight of our trip. Hordur is a wonderful host that cares about his horses and guests. He talked with us about the horses history, along with ensuring to pair us with the correct horse. We had time to get introduced to our horses, and some basic riding lessons. The ride along the countryside is stunning. Afterwards we relaxed, had lunch, and great conversation. The lamb was the best we had in Iceland. If we get the chance to come back to Iceland, we would do this again!
– Pamela Sanford 17. February 2019


Best decision I made was booking this tour while visiting Iceland. I would do it again without hesitation! I had a “bad” horse experience as a child so decades later I finally got on the horse again and I’m glad I did! Hordur is very knowledgeable and takes great care of his horses. He taught us step by step and before we knew it we were horseback riding down a beautiful valley, crossing rivers and just admiring the scenery (surprisingly very green for March 1st). I loved crossing the streams with the horses, they were very sure-footed and a nice ride. The ride was just the right amount of time. By the time we returned we were all ready for lunch. Lunch was delicious! A meal I will remember and the company was fantastic! We didn’t even mind the 43 degrees and rain! It was worth it! Don’t let weather stop you! It would be beautiful in the snow too!! Afterwards Hordur pointed us towards a pool (with hot tubs) nearby. That was the perfect was to end the afternoon riding!! Great local recommendation.

– Lisa Howell 7 March 2019

Wow! This was an incredible experience from start to finish! Hordur was the consummate host; his knowledge of Icelandic horses, world politics, languages (English, Spanish, Icelandic, Swedish and Norwegian), etc. is truly breathtaking, and made for a unique experience. Hordur easily connected with everyone on the experience, from adolescents to adults, and explained everything about the Icelandic horses in great detail. The riders got to know their horses, brushed them, learned how to saddle them and fed them hay at the end of the ride. The ride itself was out-of-this-world: the Icelandic landscape is stunningly beautiful on this cold February morning! At the end of the ride, Hordur treated us to a home-cooked meal of local lamb, salad and potatoes, which were exquisitely prepared! The tour was supposed to end by 2, but it was 4 PM and Hordur was clearly enjoying the conversation, and in no hurry to usher us out. This was a magnificent experience! Highly, highly recommended!

– Robert Washington 19. February 2019

This was by far the best part of my experience in Iceland. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You must come to the farm and see this for yourself. You will never forget it.

– stefanie Brooks 18 March 2019

Ride like a Icelander and eat like a Viking! This experience blew our minds – a must if you’re in Iceland. The horses were so calm and affectionate, felt extremely safe the whole time and the ride was very scenic. Hordur is a great guy and a fantastic cook. Loved it!

– Josh, Australia 16 March 2019

I can’t say enough about today. The valley is beautiful. The horses were majestic, happy, and extremely well taken care of. Hordur is a knowledgeable, fascinating, and genuine person and made me feel very comfortable despite not having ridden a horse since childhood. This was hands down one of the best experiences of my entire life. Authentic and magical. The lunch was wonderful, the home and farm were beautiful, and I learned so much! I will treasure the memory of this experience forever! Please book this experience. I guarantee it will be the highlight of your trip.

– Aislinn 15 March 2019

Hordur’s love for what he does shows. He took his time explaining and introducing us to his beautiful horses, and taught us how to understand and ride them. By far this was the highlight of my 8 days in Iceland, and I’ll always remember meeting the wonderful people in this experience, and us all becoming more confident and relaxed riding the beautiful Icelandic horses, as well as sharing a delicious meal together. It was a meditative and relaxing experience. Thank you again Hordur for your hospitality, and sharing your love and passion with us all! You’re truly gifted at what you do, and I appreciate how you created this unique experience to share it!

– Annelise, NYC April, 2019

Our experience with Hordur at his horse farm was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. He was extremely knowledgable and took the time to talk about his experience with horses, and share a background about the horses themselves. We were also fortunate to have some great fellow travelers sharing the experience with us and Hordur also made sure to build a great group dynamic. He took time to make us all feel comfortable and safe with the horses, and then we got a quick riding lesson after brushing and saddling our horses. The horseback riding itself was amazing!!!!!!! His two dogs are also adorable. After, we had the best meal of our whole trip in his beautiful farmhouse. I loved that he also took time to really cultivate meaningful stories with the group and shared lots of interesting facts about his experiences in Iceland. This is truly a personalized experience that is NOTHING like those tour buses or other things you may find online. Thank you for making this such a great morning on your beautiful farm.

– Adriane, NJ April, 2019

I have done a lot of traveling and a lot of excursions and adventures but this one truly tops them all. Hordur is the most gracious host I’ve ever encountered and he truly made this experience something special to me. The horses and his expertise along with his generosity are unmatched in any other experience I’ve ever had. I feel I’ve made a true friend and will absolutely return to Iceland to take this adventure to the next level!

– Amanda June 2019

I can’t begin to describe how amazing this experience was. If you’re going to the Reykjavik area, even just for a day, I recommend meeting with Hordur. He knows so much about Iceland and its history, and he is very welcoming and friendly. Excellent communication before our meeting, and super friendly in person. The Icelandic horses are beautiful and you can tell Icelanders are proud of these animals. This is a unique chance to get to know a bit more about them. We had no prior knowledge of horse riding, but felt like both we and the horses were in great hands throughout the day. The food was wonderful too. Thank you guys so much!

– Tina, Norway Dec 2019
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