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Icelandic Horse Tours Reykjavik

The Icelandic horse has played a major role in the working and social life of the Icelandic people since the settlement of Iceland. The Icelandic sagas are full of description of the Vikings riding their Icelandic horses both for battles but also for social gatherings, where they would ride the Icelandic horse together from farm to farm and visit political allies, friends or family. This beautiful tradition of riding horses from farm to farm and visit friends is still very much alive and this is what we do in our spare time and during holidays.

Our way of life

Reykjavik Horse Riding

Icelandic horse ranch

Life on an Icelandic horse riding ranch can be wonderful and rewarding but at times it can be harsh with stormy weathers and snow. Our day at the farm starts by feeding the horses when they are in the stable and making sure all horses are in good health with plenty of freshwaters. The Icelandic horse is a strong horse by nature but in order to stay strong, we have to make sure they get plenty of hey, minerals and freshwater.

Horse Riding Iceland

Plenty of options

There are plenty of horse riding farms in Iceland. Most of the horse riding farmers in Iceland offer a variety of horseback riding tours. The horse riding tours can be anywhere from a half an hour horseback ride to a multiple-day horse ride in the highlands of Iceland. When you book your horse riding tour in Iceland you should make sure that the Icelandic horses are of the highest quality and are treated by the highest standard.

Riding the Icelandic horse

For most of our guests that ride the Icelandic horse for the first time, they are a bit nervous. That is understandable and you should not feel ashamed in anyways.

Having a bit of butterfly before riding the Icelandic horse is only natural. Because if you are not under control while riding the Icelandic horse then you then riding can be dangerous.  Therefore you should pay attention while the horseback riding lesson is in session, so you will get the best preparation before riding the Icelandic horse.

When riding the main thing is for you to be in control of your body and mind.  Even though the Icelandic horse is calm and friendly, they Icelandic horse is also spirited and proud and therefore when riding your horse you should feel that you are in control of your riding experience.

Horse riding and clothing in Iceland

Kormákur & Skjöldur

Since you are in Iceland you should be aware that we occasionally have harsh weather and therefore it is important that you dress accordingly. The Icelandic wool is the absolute best, and environmentally friendly material that you can possibly have and our friends at www.herrafataverslun.is have fantastic riding and outdoor clothes for you to wear once you are in Iceland. Taking a visit there before you go horseback riding is well-invested time.

Our Horses

Our horses are bred as riding horses and we train them to be good riding horses for our visitors. Our main focus in breeding is to have calm but alert horses. The best way to do that is to secure them with good fields and plenty of time with their flock of horses where they get to roam around and be wild like nature intended. Quality horse riding tours are based on good breeding and training where we have only the best horses in order to give you the best possible horse riding experience. When you visit our farm to ride the Icelandic horse, we guarantee your Icelandic riding horse will be a horse in very good physical condition along with great horse riding ability.

Horse riding tours in Iceland

Plenty of options

There are many options when it comes to planning your horse riding tour. A single day horseback riding tour is something most people can handle but if you are interested in taking a multi-day horse riding tour in Iceland you should make sure that you have enough horse riding experience so you can enjoy your horse riding Iceland tour. A good way to do this is to take one short horse riding tour in Iceland or horse riding iceland and then you can take a longer horseback riding tour which is more challenging.

Horse riding equipment

Our horse riding equipment is made by Icelandic horse riding saddle maker, www.hrimnir.is which offers only the highest Icelandic horse riding equipment. We feel very strongly when horse riding in Iceland you should only ride the best possible Icelandic horses with the best possible Icelandic horse riding equipment. This should guarantee your Icelandic horse riding experience to be as positive as possible.

Caretaking for the Icelandic riding horse

We ride our horses only 5 days a week and make sure that horses get enough rest and care so they can perform as your Icelandic riding horse. The Icelandic riding horse needs to be in good physical and mental condition in order to be a good Icelandic riding horse. Therefore, we make sure our Icelandic horses get enough of good rest and plenty of nutrition.

If you are staying in Reykjavík and want to go horse riding in Reykjavík then our Icelandic horse riding farm is a perfect choice.  We look forward to having you at our Icelandic horse riding farm and are guaranteeing your horseback riding experience in Iceland.